Our know-how in engineering

In heavy clay industry, just like in every other industry, Cleia reasons in terms of “turn-key projects” and supports its customers and partners since the project’s origins, through its realization until completion of the operation phase in the long run. So we are able to help at any stage of the project and we know how to innovate by proposing appropriate, efficient and cost-effective solutions.



Feasibility study and business plan

Cleia wants to become your partner from the early stage of your reflections on a project and is so in a position to assist you in the implementation of technical feasibility study and financial viability assessment – or to carry them out for you.

  • Raw materials research, analysis of energy issues, etc.
  • Initial market surveys, financial modelling and drafting of business plan, etc.

Such a study lets us validate the project’s assumptions and establish key choices prior to the various stages of the project.

CLEIA - Feasibility study and business plan

Design and modelling

As an overall engineering company, Cleia is in a position to design and model the whole project with you, whether it is an individual machine, a production cell, the improvement of existing equipment or of a whole industrial site.

CLEIA - Design and modelling

Test laboratory and simulations

On its premises, Cleia has all the necessary facilities and equipment to carry out the tests and simulations required to validate a project, from raw materials characterisation in laboratory, enabling the definition of the appropriate technological line, up to flow and rate simulations to calculate the ideal dimensions of handling equipment.

CLEIA - Test laboratory and simulations

Project management

Cleia, « EPC » supplier (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) can drive the whole project’s completion, regardless of everyone’s scope of work and of sharing of supplies, thanks to our dedicated department Project Monitoring, taking over completion of our realisations as well as of planning and budgeting, with due respect to time and costs.

CLEIA - Project management


CLEIA is an approved training organization and we provide training, in our premises or on your site, for plants’ operation and maintenance staff, technicians, operators or managers.

Thanks to its partners, Cleia can also assist you in the implementation of communication and training for your clients, in order to implement the products you will offer them. 

CLEIA - Training

Computerized supervision of industrial plants

In order to make the operation of your plant always easier and smoother, Cleia has developed industrial computing tools, as well as supervision and computerized reporting systems so that you can monitor your unit and control it even remotely through simple internet connection.

CLEIA - Computerized supervision of industrial plants

Operational support

Cleia can also remain fully committed to your side and ensure a continuous and complete follow-up of your plant, in France but also throughout the world.

  • Technicians temporary assignments whatever the area of intervention
  • 24/7 hotline with our specialized services in every skilled trade
  • Long-term supply service of plant operation staff
  • Overall management of the operation of your plant.
CLEIA - Operational support