Battery production / Gigafactory

Drawing on its international experience and expertise in automation, CLEIA is participating in the electric vehicle revolution. From manufacturing processes to factory automation, CLEIA offers custom-made solutions.




Activation of raw material

We provide all the machines that constitute the preparation of raw materials: presses, dryers, kilns and grinders.
We support you in the design of your bricks of material to avoid loss of material during thermal processes

CLEIA - Activation de la matière première

Loading / unloading of coils

Whether the plant is 100% automated or manual, we provide robotic cells or manipulator arms to guarantee precision and reliability of the supply of your electrode manufacturing machines.

CLEIA - Chargement / déchargement des bobines


We identify the best transitic solutions between your stocks and your machines.
We respect ISO6 standards and exchanges through airlocks.
AGV and/or AMR make it possible to adapt to multi-product manufacturing and guarantee you the expected speeds and flexibility.

CLEIA - Intralogistique

Intermediate stocks management

We offer different solutions to manage your intermediate stocks whether they are unified or distributed around manufacturing machines.
Automated stock, we guarantee exchanges with AGV/AMR fleets with adapted interfaces.

CLEIA - Gestion des stocks intermédiaires