Logistics / Automated handling

At Cleia, we are experts in automated intralogistics solutions

We optimize the flows from a warehouse or from a production plant by setting up the most appropriate technologies based on reliable solutions, easy to implement.

Our solutions can be placed in the fabrication process of our clients or be related to internal storage up to orders picking.

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Optimisation of logistic flows



Automated storage

Cleia designs and builds automated warehouses.

They consist of fixed and mobile shelving with gravity mechanism or motor driven. They are coupled with stacker cranes ensuring the transfer of incoming and outgoing loads.

Our warehouses are suitable for the storage of raw materials, intermediate parts or pallets of finished products.

CLEIA - Automated storage

Autonomous vehicles

Cleia installs Automated Guided Vehicles “AGV” in industrial settings.

Thanks to laser guided systems and central computerized management interface, they are autonomous.

We use our AGV at every step of production flow, from the arrival of raw materials until the moment when products are made available on shipping docks.

Thanks to our AGV, we can manage the interface between several steps of process.

CLEIA - Autonomous vehicles

Conveying systems

Cleia designs and installs standard or customized linear conveying solutions in many industries.

Our wide range covers most of industrial needs: pallets conveyors, vertical lifts, carousel conveyors, transfer cars,…

We also install vision control systems for detection and control.

CLEIA - Conveying systems

Flow monitoring

In order to manage clients’ flows more effectively, Cleia studies the different steps of process and the trajectories to be automated.

Based on these analyses, we can offer you appropriate technologies to be used in your plant.

Studied flows are simulated and checked by our Industrial Computing department before implementation of right solution on site.

Operational management of your intralogistical equipment is carried out with our proprietary software solutions.

CLEIA - Flow monitoring